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State of North Carolina

History of Reform Efforts: North Carolina

Active Organizations

Common Cause/North Carolina

Democracy North Carolina
The mission of Democracy North Carolina, formerly the North Carolina Project of Democracy South, is to build a more democratic society that makes real the promise of "one person, one vote." Its research, training, organizing, and public education programs emphasize reducing the power of special-interest money and increasing the power of citizens in all aspects of the political process.

League of Women Voters of North Carolina

North Carolina Bar Association

North Carolina Center for Voter Education
The North Carolina Center for Voter Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to improving the quality and responsiveness of North Carolina's election system. By examining North Carolina's current system of campaign finance and election laws, and by promoting research and public discussion about the electoral process, the Center hopes to raise citizen awareness, make the election process more inclusive, and increase participation in elections.

North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections
NCVCE seeks to improve the vitality of democracy in North Carolina by enacting a voluntary public financing program for state-level candidates who earn the public's trust. A Clean Election program would encourage candidates to reject all special-interest donations and rely solely on voters for their support.