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State of Vermont

Methods of Judicial Selection: Vermont

Limited Jurisdiction Courts

Child Support Magistrate
Jurisdiction: divorce, juvenile, domestic abuse, and child support cases
Selection of Judges: superior and district court judges sit by assignment of the administrative judge of trial courts
Retention of Judges: ---
Qualifications: attorney who has practiced law or served as judge in state > 5 of last 10 yrs; mandatory retirement at 70
Probate Court
Jurisdiction: probate of wills, settlement of estates, adoptions, guardianships, name changes, uniform gifts to minors
Selection of Judges: partisan election
Retention of Judges: reelection
Qualifications: N/S
Environmental Court
Jurisdiction: appeals of Act 250 enforcement orders, appeals of zoning decisions
Selection of Judges: gubernatorial appointment from nominating commission with senate consent
Retention of Judges: vote of general assembly
Qualifications: attorney admitted to practice before supreme court
Judicial Bureau
Jurisdiction: civil violation complaints, violations of municipal ordinances
Selection of Judges: administrative judge appoints state bar members as hearing officers; appointed to four-year terms
Retention of Judges: --
Qualifications: state bar member