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State of New Jersey

Methods of Judicial Selection: New Jersey

Limited Jurisdiction Courts

Municipal Court
Jurisdiction: motor vehicle and traffic violations; quasi-criminal offenses; municipal ordinance violations; fish and game violations; criminal offenses when jury trial waived by defendant; probable cause hearings; actions in eviction
Selection of Judges: mayoral appointment with city council consent or appointment by municipal governing body*
Retention of Judges: same as method of selection; judges serve 3 yr terms without tenure
Qualifications: state resident; practicing attorney > 5 yrs
Tax Court
Jurisdiction: appeals from county boards of taxation; appeals of tax decisions of state, county or municipal officials
Selection of Judges: gubernatorial appointment with senate approval for 7 yr term
Retention of Judges: gubernatorial reappointment with senate approval until age 70
Qualifications: state practice > 10 yrs; special knowledge and experience with taxation matters

*In joint municipal courts, which are courts serving more than one municipality, the appointment is made by the governor with senate approval.