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State of Maryland

Methods of Judicial Selection: Maryland

Limited Jurisdiction Courts

District Court
Jurisdiction: landlord-tenant cases; replevin actions; motor vehicle violations; misdemeanors; certain felonies; small claims < $5,000; shares jurisdiction with circuit court in claims of $5,000 to $25,000
Selection of Judges: gubernatorial appointment from nominating commission w/ senate confirmation
Retention of Judges: reappointment
Qualifications: U.S. and state citizen; registered to vote in state elections; state resident 5 yrs; district resident 6 mos; 30 yrs of age; state bar member; mandatory retirement age of 70
Orphan's Court
Jurisdiction: matters involving probate, guardianships, orphans, and administration of estates
Selection of Judges: partisan election*
Retention of Judges: reelection*
Qualifications: state and city or county resident 1 yr*
*Except in Harford and Montgomery Counties, where circuit court judges are assigned to serve as orphans' court judges.